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Booking your lessons

Thank you for you interest in booking with Master Voice Coach Tara for music lessons. Here's how that works at our studio and what we offer:

Weekly Lessons:

Weekly Lessons, get the priority booking. This stream, is for students who are focused on their music learning as a means of self care and professional development, for all ages. This is the most likely path to success in musical development. 

Those who take weekly lessons are committed to that time slot, and are responsible to pay for missed lessons. This stream also has the best price plan. It is booked with a guaranteed card on file, and charged after each lesson. 

Occasional Lessons:

Once in a while you would like to slowly work on development of your voice, or an instrument, when time is available.   These lessons draw on what is available that coming week, and can be booked a week in advance. It is booked with a guaranteed card on file, and charged after each lesson. 

Group Classes:

Two or more persons taking a focused class or session together, are considered a group class. 

Group classes are a 1 hour minimum to book, at the studio. 

Workshops and Events:

Workshops in bhakti yoga. 


Vocal workshops for theatre groups.

To book and inquire for availability and rates, please call or Text Tara at 519-477-1190.

Or E-mail using the contact form. 

Note: If there is a point of financial hardship for your child, please do not hesitate to open a discussion with Tara to see what is possible. We sometimes have partners that are willing to contribute in a small way to help others with accessibility to music lessons or groups. Conversely, if you are a client or community booster with above average means and wish to help a kid from our community get access to lessons, please also reach out. We can pass along your bursary to deserving individuals.

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