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Booking your lessons

Lessons Available

Vocal Training and Coaching Beginner to Master Class

Djembe and Dundun- Beginner to Intermediate

Frame Drums Mid-East/European

Bhakti Yoga- Mantra Practice and Learning


Gong Work- Meditation

Sound Practitioner Training

Registering For Your Lesson:

Only students who have accepted and confirmed a weekly lesson time with Tara, use the Sign Up form. It will ask you to enter your billing information, as our studio uses auto pay and bills weekly. 

This form is 100% secure, and PCI compliant. The studio will never handle your billing card directly. 

Waiting List and Contact:. 

Please use the "Contact" form below to register for the waiting list, or to ask questions. 

If for any reason the form below is challenging on your cell phone, please use the direct link here:

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