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Hear it from My Students

What isn’t there to say about Tara! She has a rich history of experience as a performer and a vocal coach. Tara has taught me to love my craft, find peace in my music and challenged me to be the best singer I could by working on songs that improved my range and tone.

Tara is really the most top notch vocal coach in this area as far as I’m concerned.   Her ability to connect with students, and create a space where their true voice can shine is astounding.   Tara is that teacher that students will fondly remember forever. 


Holly Sled

I learned all the techniques to control my voice.   Tara made me excited for lessons each week.   She is one of the people I look up to most, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to study with her. 



I spent the last 8 weeks of wintery Wednesday nights with Tara and a group of others in a djembe & Dun dun circle.

From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with warmth and space to be you.

Anybody who has spent anytime with Tara knows she is a gift as a teacher, leader, giver.

She is grounded to the earth through song and teaching.

Looking forward to her next workshop.

-Alison Horner-Wright

Tara is an incredibly gifted teacher. She gave me the tools and confidence to overcome my fear of singing and worked specifically with me on my performance goals. She is simply amazing!

Tara is an incredibly knowledgeable mentor, coach and musical powerhouse. She is deeply passionate about guiding others on their personal journey in music, and in life. Tara’s giftedness in coaching, mentorship and connecting with others has played an immense role in my artistic and personal development. I would recommend Tara to students of any level who seek to improve their musicianship both technically and creatively.

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