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Lessons Available

Vocal Training and Coaching Beginner to Master Class

Djembe and Dundun- Beginner to Intermediate

Frame Drums Mid-East/European

Bhakti Yoga- Mantra Practice and Learning


Vocal Coach Training

Sound Practitioner Training


A music teacher and facillitator, who has passion for supporting the growth potential in others.

There is nothing that gives me more joy, than to see another person, rise. That moment of awareness and understanding, that they have done something well, as a result of their effort and passion for music, totally gets me so excited! Those light-bulb moments are what I live for as a teacher. Music has been my lifeboat, my entire life. I want to share and express that there is nowhere to arrive at: just learning music for the joy in the journey, is the foundation of what I bring to the lesson studio. I support clients with technical evaluations and tools for growth, while working with music that has an emotional connection for the student. Under this climate, my students develop the ability to grow into their dreams of being an emotive and capable musician. 

In our vocal training stream, the vocal workouts we learn do double duty for meditation and relaxation while bringing focused growth. The music the client chooses can be brought to focus for understanding the technical and emotional aspects of how to express the song in their own unique way. This approach to learning can be customized for all ages and all skill levels.

I teach this way, because I recognize that this world needs more people capable of emotional intelligence, ability to collaborate and the self esteem to learn something from beginner to advanced level.

  Learning music, is an investment in developing bravery and self compassion-while they master a technical skill. If more beauty, and skilled musical humans are grown in this world, we have a brighter future to look forward to.

So, when this section is titled " about me", I want to convey, that for me, It's about you. It's about your kid. It's about your goal and dream. I spent my life learning how to be a master coach of musicians, and I feel that it has been the very best use of my life. I hope I get the opportunity to serve you or your child on their journey!

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