As a kid, I was always a little different than the others. I seemed to feel everything. I mean EVERYTHING really big. I'm sure my Grandmother and parents who were raising me, were ever so curious about the little girl who dragged every instrument possible home, who spent hours and hours playing the same thing again and again, until it caused chaos in the family flat. When I arrived on this planet, it was clear to me that the only path I wanted was to do music all the time. Sports made me feel weird and frazzled.

My family went to 3 different churches, and I loved going because I know there would be music. I could touch the big pipe organ, or electric keyboard, or sing in a choir. Spirituality, meant doing music for me a youngster. In my heart as long as I could remember, there seemed to be this magical space called "butterfly land" ( which was a name my granny created for the swampy meadow at the back of Wildwood Park, Malton, ON ) where Granny Diamond allowed me to sing at the top of my lungs the Irish songs she taught me, play my tin whistle, - whatever I wanted. This physical place became the landscape of my inner sanctum, where I'd go to just sit with creator, and hum, or sing, or drum, or play songs in my head and heart. It helped my address all the spiky feelings of every day life.

My music teacher Mr. Haughton, let me explore every possible sound. In the end, this all made sense to me, that no matter what I was doing, either physically or spiritually, music was the spaceship that could take me anywhere. It helped me feel everything bigger. I could survive any trauma, if i could still have music to sing or play.

These days, I worry for the young ones. I worry how they will find their soul path to the magical butterfly land, where feelings are heard and valued, through notes and chords and rhythms. I really hope I'm doing enough, to serve our community and help them find the place and music education that they so need. I'm curious about how aware the world is about the idea of "the musicians way as a soul path."

My sense of it is, that music is the medicine that connects us where soul meets body. We humans who are interested or feel a calling on this path, whether an absolute beginner, or a mastery level practitioner, - I hope that we all come running towards it. That we be the people exploring and wielding our craft for the healing of the human race. That we help others who want to climb onto the path.

I hope you'll consider your soul path, whatever that means to you and let it permeate the world like a high quality incense.

In the immortal words of Jimi Hendrix "Come on and fly little wing".