Having A Practice.

The centre of my happiness, comes from the ability to come home, to the spiritual centre of my heart, which is my daily music practice. It's how I meet my understanding of "creator's work" made manifest in me, and it coming from the centre of my heart, to the manifest world.

Having involved myself in mentoring musicians , creeping up on nigh 30 years, I observe, that those who develop a daily practice, have much less suffering than those that are cramming in occasional practice. They don't bail on their commitment to themselves .

Our consumer based culture tells us lies that there's something for us to achieve or arrive at, that our practice should induce self loathing and shame. That we should practice because we suck. We should practice because we are expected to:

I've had a student's parents say "how much money do I need to throw at this singing thing to make it happen for my kid". YIKES! those are terrible reasons to develop a practice.

Beware of those beliefs: Run away from those ideas! Here's why.

Music is the language creator gave us to heal ourselves. Like any medicine it can heal us or make us sick. what makes our music practice turn sour is listening more to the ego, than to the lesson the music medicine is giving us. To get that lesson, you have to show up every day for it, for it to work at any depth.

You pay for your practice in time credits, and that is the only currency that will give you what you need.

The art of building something simple, and powerful, something with love and kindness baked in,

the repetition of a task so impossibly lovely is an honour to be able to do. Next time you sit down to practice, see if you can decide before hand to love what you are about to do.

That is the best reason to practice. You don't have to feel lovely dovey about it. Just decide that you'll love it.

To create simple beauty, that becomes the ability to create complex beauty, that is returned to simple beauty, in a never ending hoop.

The acknowledgement of a sequence, helps us develop the cognitive ability to sort out greater issues with patience. IF you are someone who has any kind of practice with depth and you add the intention of love and service to the world, your heart will expand with your musical ability.

Deeper Listening:

It's true often in our western world, that we listen to respond. In an almost obsessive way.

Practicing the art of listening deeply, to what it is you are playing, would help you evaluate the changes needed. For your music, but for your heart centre where music comes out of.

If you could do that every day, you could expand that motif out to the rest of your life.

You could hear beyond what someone is saying with their mouth, and add in the spectrum of what their energy is saying at the same time. If you are practiced at daily deep listening to your music practice, you could offer more to the world by being someone who could "hear" beyond the words.

A teacher is helpful for your development, but ultimately, you are your best teacher if you are open to really hearing yourself. Especially when you play.


If you had a daily practice, you'd become more comfortable eventually with making mistakes.

I've seen folks run screaming from what could have been a transformational practice, because of the Judge in their thinking mind is on loudspeaker telling them they suck. I've witnessed first hand people with their skin crawling, that they haven't arrived at some false idea of musical perfection. The fact that they carry so much shame shows up when they play their music. Ego, the voice so concerned with self- can break your neck and destroy your happiness. What if we as westerners could develop the ideas that simple, is true. That we could love our practice, and it could love us back. That we could accept that we are learners and connected to everything we are thinking, saying and doing.

Wouldn't that be a trip worth embarking on?

What would you give to have that kind of fruitfulness in your practice>

Give it a day.

Then another day.

keep showing up for you.

I wish you happiness. I wish for you a really deep practice.

Why not try?