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A woman's hands using the mallet on soun


Several times a year, we will offer  "Restorative Sound Work" workshops using Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, shruti box,  swar sangam, tingsha, bells, koshi chimes, temple frame drums and temple style tambourine

We teach sounding classes from the perspective of Cymatic science and from the perspective of developing mindful meditation practice, and the act of using sound to increase peaceful supportive internal dialogue, and in some cases freedom from internal dialogue.

what to expect: We will get very familiar with the afore mentioned instruments over a space of 8 weeks, learning how to understand which match each other and why, and some of their uses in meditative/ restorative practice. We'll explore various rhythms and tempos, as well as correct mallet use, instrument care and why it is important.


We'll learn how to create a sound bath, for restorative meditation, and perform them for each other.  

Units will be broken out into stringed drone instruments, metal drone/ sound work instruments and drums that have heavier harmonic overtones. 


Several times a year, we will offer beginner and intermediate African style drum ensemble learning. We'll include healthy djembe technique, as well as dun dun learning for ensemble pieces, arranged by Djembefölas Mamady Keïta ( Tam Tam academy learning materials,) and Dun Dun rhythms leaning on the teachings of Fara Tolno. The classes are fun and energetic as well as culturally enlightening. 

Djembe playing, brings people together, and that will be a focus for our group, to be playing and vibing the rhythms together, to a socially exciting effect, feeling refreshed and connected with others after even one session!

We'll learn how to set yourself up for hours of injury, and fatige free playing. We will occasionally offer individual clinics, that we'll update friends about in the blog posts. 

European and Mid East Frame Drumming classes

Temple drumming across the ancient world, ​was the sacred  task of women priestesses and is the ultimate in drumming with the intention of connecting the psyche to the elements of earth, air water and fire- as well as the core of feminine strength and endurance. The strokes taught by Layne Redmond, and her lineage of teachers, have been a source of great happiness for me as a student of this wonderful drum, and depth as a group facilitator to share this ancient practice. 


These workshop series  will focus on building strong fundamentals. We'll gain depth as well as over the course of the year, bring in some master frame drummers who have been my teachers and fountains of real wisdom in the practice. 

If you are a fan of Bhakti yoga, this practice can integrate seamlessly into that practice.  I use these tools personally, with my morning devotional music time.