Sonic Yoga Group


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last Sunday night of the month 7-8pm

About the Course

Sonic Yoga Group
Nadā , is the yoga of sound, and vibration. Bhakti is the yogic path of loving devotion. Pranayama is the yoga of breath.

We'll do breath work in concert with gong and chant. The purpose of this practice, is to energetically recharge, harness breath power, while quieting and focusing the mind. Participants always discover ideas, thoughts and feelings while experiencing the result of energetic exposure to musical frequency and vibration. This group invites the participant into a deep sense of contemplation, freshness and self acceptance.

The program begins with:
Explanation of Ōm, and how to chant it.
Yoga of breath, Pranayama Practice.
Chanting Om with drones and Mala,
Bhaktii- deep dive into a sung mantra suitable for kirtan , Mantra with Mala.
Short Gong Bath for internal contemplation, close with Chanting Om and sharing chat time and tea.

Equipment needed to bring. Yoga mat, Blanket, Pillow, meditation mala with 108 beads.
Because this class interacts with spiritual traditions the utmost respect for cultural learning should be undertaken by the participant.

We will follow all provincial gathering rules.

Your Instructor

Tara MhicCoinnigh

Tara MhicCoinnigh

Tara is a CYT500 and practicer of Bhakti and Nāda Yoga.