Hi! I'm Tara

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I'm The Co-Owner Of MacKenzie Music Studio.

Vocal Coach and Music Facilitator

Since 1992, I've been coaching & mentoring fellow musicians on their path of learning and musical depth.

I've toured in 14 countries as a vocalist and supporting percussionist, been in film documentaries about sound work and indigenous music in the 90's. That time really defined my sense of purpose as a musician!

I've been fortunate to attend some fancy schools for classical and jazz vocal music. I have recieved a few special music awards. I've lived a life long model of continual study and musical growth. But that's ego stuff.  What's most important to know about me is I care very much about helping those who are hungry for growth,  to rise, and feel that their life could include music study as their soul path. Life is a big exciting experiment, and I want to help folks create their musical happy place. From beginner to mastery I've been sharpening the tools to help others rise into their vision, just like my teachers before me.

Trevor and I opened MacKenzie Music Studio in 2000, in Owen Sound, and we've been busy serving our community with recording facility services, co- op programs, music lessons and started Rock The Sound Choir as well as Elemental World Drum Ensemble. 

We are ever growing and changing with the needs of our community, and our goals for personal growth through the study of music. We are bringing our focus to small group workshops in studio, and private lessons in Sound Work,  Hand/ Frame Drumming and Vocal coaching. We are excited about  individual and small group learning to gain greater depth of program. 

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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Music and mindfulness practice are a natural fit. 

Our lessons are not based on one system of learning or "levels" like RCM certifications. I ask students to think about each manoeuvre of the breath and body to bring the desired sound together.  I'm asking my students to become aware of the effect of different technical changes.  Powerful voices are built sometimes in quiet reflection.

This is where I believe that humans are free to explore their emotional climate through the use of music. To be come excited or still. To gain satisfaction of following something through from start to finish, being present in that movement. Students that are open to it, I love to introduce the idea of mindfulness meditation practice.  Following and idea or breath as a singular practice brings on a real excitement. Vocal workouts, drum patterns, musical sequences can all be adopted as a mindfulness practice.

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After more than 20 years of teaching and touring, I've gained some hard won and valuable lessons about teamwork, intercultural learning, and health while on the road and in the studio. If you are looking for a truth speaker for your event, on the topics of how music can heal the soul, and why is so very needed in todays culture, music and meditation, sound therapy and the sacred space a teacher should create,  I'm happy to take on that role, sharing ideas with your community/company. 

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Corporate Training

It's time for the corporate office to become more human.  If life is only about the next board meeting, productivity  and driving numbers, there is no way a corporate community can thrive and be healthy.

Without the presence of quiet reflective space, for decision making, and the idea of meditation practice to manage the very stressful situations that pop up, the corporate arena is a monster waiting to chew up souls who work there. If your office is looking for support in how to develop more humane practices, to take on some stress relieving and team building drumming and sound work workshops, I'm available to consult with your company, to seek a stronger balance. 

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