The Full Story


Since 1992, Tara has been a Voice Coach,  music teacher,  practitioner and facilitator  of devotional music, yoga and has worked as a touring musician.  From the age of 4, Tara has began learning the tradition of Irish Sean Nós singing , as well as all forms of Traditional Irish Singing. She studied  post secondary  European classical voice as well as Christian and Yogic devotional music in Europe, India and The Americas.  She has collaborated with many indigenous musicians from many nations over the last several decades, in the ever deepening pursuit of how music makes us feel more alive and develops humanity's connection to each other.  She has conducted large Rock Choirs, Youth Vocal Ensembles, facilitated all manner of drum groups and is an Irish Bodhrán drum facillitator at Ontario Womyns Drum Camps . She has a Maple Blues Award for Best New Artist or Band and an Owen Sound Cultural Award for Outstanding Individual in Arts. 


Sonic Circles With Tara, aims to be a soft place to land for humans to explore music.

Her intention is to nurture and encourage musical skill and soul  development/exploration through the medium of music experience, whether in individual  private lessons, or group experiences.

She uses music traditions that she has been trained in from many regions of planet earth, with a heart to appreciate cultures and their medicines with great respect, and to encourage the ideals that we are all people with one planet celebrating  many majestic traditions.


To become a hub for developing connective community music , for collaborating with other sonic seekers and musicians, and to create space for those wanting to learn how to sing, drum, meditate or sound create for better mental health, better spiritual health, and to develop a heart of service with our gifts to the community.