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A Natural Music Teacher

Tara MacKenzie is a highly regarded voice coach from Owen Sound, ON with a performing and teaching career spanning over three decades. With unparalleled expertise, she has guided countless students, from beginners to advanced singers, on their musical journeys. Tara's remarkable talent and dedication have led her to collaborate and coach renowned artists, including multiple Juno award winners, cast members of Mervish Theatre Productions, recipients of the Maple Blues Award, Euro Pop Priz, as well as ACTRA clients.

Having honed her skills in various genres such as classical, music theatre, rock, blues, folk, and metal, Tara possesses a unique ability to teach all styles of singing. Students will be encouraged to develop their own unique style and vocal potential.


Tara has held esteemed positions such as Music Consultant on the Humber College production of "Tír na Nóg", Director of the Georgian Bay Folk Societies' Folk School and facilitator at Ontario Womyns Drum Camp. She has played and many music festivals internationally, has a Maple Blues Award for best new artist and an Owen Sound Cultural Award for "Outstanding Individual."

Tara's musical education has taken her to prestigious institutions in Dublin, Budapest, Amsterdam, and Hall Austria, where she studied vocal music performance and sacred music. Additionally, she imparts her wisdom in Bhakti Yoga, (ryt 500) Gong Yoga, Harp, Harmonium, and World Percussion. With her wealth of experience and multifaceted skills, Tara MacKenzie continues to inspire and empower aspiring developing musicians of all ages. 



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